Wharf Jumps

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Feeling the stoke of being alive & the beautiful corner of the planet I get to live in. I know I am lucky to be and live here. I forget to take a minute and count my blessings.

Here are a few.

1. Beautiful people-people that try, fail, laugh at themselves and try again and fail and laugh at themselves and try again-you guys are inspirational!

2. Kids smiles-nothing like it when a young person, or an old one lights up and feels a sense of achievement for where they are at.

3. Being down with the kids-met some rad people lately, about 300 kids aged from 11-12 and after spending time, it is such an honor that so many of them invite you to come hang out again, “come jump off the wharf with us Liz”-so I did, to a chorus of beautiful teachers & kids yelling out my name for me to jump-haha you guys made me feel like a celebrity.

But what was the coolest, was this little fulla, bit shy and nervous of the wharf jump, but as his surf coach I felt like I had the position & obligation to tell him that he learned to surf today, so he could definitely achieve anything….time passed, he hesitated, declined……came back….jumped! Yeeeeew!

Surf Camps are rad with love our local schools there are some amazing teachers and some really fun kids. Ran surf camps from Mahia to Anaura Bay.

That wharf jump was epic with you guys thank you!!


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