New Sports

Paddlez Up Gizzy - Kaiti BeachWas SUP Tolaga Bay Surf Mums Private sesh Local Legends IMGP4169 IMGP2237 Honey Moon Sup Hi 5 Frenchies

Mixing it up a bit in the water sport zone. Surfing in the ocean, Stand Up Paddle boarding on the river and adding a new sport-outrigger canoe paddling. Or as we say here in New Zealand “Waka Ama” flipping amazing sport. Kind of fell in to it, last year a really nice guy I hardly knew, offered me a go on his one man waka. I tried it, sort of got the hang of it, but fell out twice in the river. From there I joined a team and had some awesome coaching and had a go at competing-really fun sport!

Surf school has been fun too -Honey Mooners, tourists, locals, Mum’s, kids and solo travelers. Walking on Water Surf School has proven a great way to meet a diverse range of people from all walks of life, each beautiful in his or her own way

The people I coach are so inspiring, they inspire me to give new sports a go.

New sport is cool & keeps you humble as! Wonderful to be coached and encouraged, exciting to develop new skills, new goals, meeting new people and competing in a team sport. Learning a new sport has been awesome for my own coaching, feeling like a beginner again, fresh and excited! yeeeew!

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